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本表格列出香港中文大學的設施與服務的資料。你可以找到設施與服務的名稱,然後讀取下列的電話或網站,地址和開放時間。 聯絡 地址 開放時間 本地 (852) 3943 7201 范克廉樓低層地下 上午9:15至下午5:45(星期一至五)

Over 50% of CUHK undergraduates reside in more than 20 hostels of our Colleges. Jointly with six postgraduate halls, these accommodate over 8,000 students. In 2005, I-house began providing a multi-cultural living environment to local, non-local and exchange

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Chung Chi College Staff Club The Chinese University of Hong Kong New Territories, Hong Kong Email [email protected] For further information, please contact: Booking of Function Rooms and General Enquiries Tel. no.: (852) 3943 9696

Lee Woo Sing College is one of the new colleges of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It was founded by university council in 2007 and admitted its first class of students in

Med Canteen, CUHK, Sha Tin, Hong Kong. 40 likes. Cafeteria 如常地老闆姐姐同夾餸哥哥都會同你講好耐無見叫你多D返黎 真係好有 # homecoming 既感覺