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K8s Cluster 安裝分幾種選擇: 全自動 (GKE): Master / Worker Nodes 安裝都不用管,連升級 K8s 版本都不用管 半自動: Cluster 的建置與管理是半自動 kops: Master / Worker Nodes 都自己裝,除了這些,也包含網路規劃、權限等

Day Extra – 到底是 k8s run Docker 還是 Docker run k8s 昨天玩了一下 Docker 的新版,覺得應該來跟大家分享一下,因此有了今天這篇番外篇。而關於標題的答案不用再糾結了! k8s 預設的容器即是 Docker 而在 Docker Edge 最新版目前也可以直接運行 k8s。

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2019-k8s-centos 2019最新k8s集群搭建教程 (centos k8s 搭建) 网上全是要么过时的,要么残缺的,大多数都是2016年,2017年的文档,照着尝试了N次,各种卸了重装,最后centos系统都搞得乱七八糟,各种配置互相冲

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What versions of Docker does Kubernetes v1.9 support? Is there a road map for these? Trend here: Docker version supported in Kubernetes 1.8 Which Docker versions will K8s 1.7

23/4/2019 · I was getting this message: 0/3 system pods running, found labels but still waiting for labels k8s-app=kube-dns. No pods were running, and I could query k8s. I stopped Docker, removed the directory, and started Docker. The directory was recreated, and all the